Travel Knitting!

Tomorrow I leave for San Diego to visit my boyfriend and I couldn't be more excited. Last time I saw him was for a couple days in Chicago about two weeks ago, and before that I hadn't seen him for about six weeks. We knew going into the summer that a long distance relationship would be hard, but no matter how much you prepare yourself mentally, you can't anticipate the heartache you go through. But we've made it this far and I still have faith that we can make it work, our situation has to get better at some point and I can't wait for that day!

Since I will be gone for two weeks and spending extended hours alone on a plane and in airports, the travel knitting is coming along. I have been looking forward to getting back to this project and I have a feeling I'm going to be making a lot of progress the next two weeks. The best project for travel knitting is something relatively simple, but not so much so that you get bored with it, and the rows aren't too long so if you have to move or attend to something, you aren't stuck in the middle of a terribly long row. As you can tell, I do a lot of straight needle knitting, but would love to get into more knitting-in-the-round projects to solve the problem of absolutely having to finish a row. Also with the mindset of doing knit holiday presents, I wanted something that would make a great gift.

Conclusion, I found a pattern for a multiple cable scarf from the Caron website called the Zurich scarf and I fell in love with it. It will be so great for traveling because it is complicated enough to keep me interested and short rows to keep me flexible. I have to confess, the yarn came first. I was shopping at Walmart while still at Purdue (of course, its the only place to buy anything in West Lafayette) and cruising the yarn section I found the Caron Simply Soft Eco yarns. Now usually I hate acrylic yarn and buy most yarns from independent shops that sell the natural fibers. But I'm also an Eco fanatic (yes my friends have referred to me as a tree hugger before) so when I saw that this yarn contained 60% recycled plastic bottles in the fibers, I had to check it out. One of the things I tend to dislike about acrylic yarn is that it feels like plastic and is far from soft. This Eco yarn was the complete opposite, it is unbelievably soft! And since the skeins are so cheap, I started grabbing them left and right. There were so many colors to choose from, I couldn't decide what to get or what in the world I was going to make with them. I settled upon a couple pine greens, a few denim blues, and a mulberry mist purple.

I picked the Zurich pattern for the purple yarn, since I decided it was a bit more feminine, and am working on size US 9 needles. So far I love how its turning out and it will probably be hard to part with when the time comes, but I will be strong and know I can always make one for myself later. For now, I will consume myself in each stitch and enjoy the time passed with it.


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