Challenge Square No. 5: Dragon Skin

Needles: US 8 Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Eco in natural Finished Dimensions: 7.75" x 8" This pattern is gorgeous! The increases and decreases created curves in the pattern that look like scales, almost like a dragon's skin!! The pattern is very simple and looks elegant, especially in the off-white color. This pattern also caused a curve on the bottom, just like the herringbone, which I solved by crocheting an edge around the square. It worked out much better, though, and the dimensions are more reasonable. This may be great for a blanket or afghan. It could also be done on a cardigan sweater or twin set. Because of the M1 in between the panels of dragon skin, it created holes so it has a lace effect (probably adding to the elegant look). This is one of my favorite squares so far! I'll likely create a design for a sweater or blanket just so that I can use this pattern again. Only a few more simple squares left, then it's on to new techniques. So far, the knits, pearls, increases, and decreases are all things I already knew how to do, so in terms of the actual knitting it hasn't been too challenging. But this will all change very soon and I can't wait to share all my adventures and the new lessons I will have learned. Hey, the best way to learn is from your mistakes and I can be known to make my fair share, this knitting project will be no exception. 5 squares done! 58 more to go.


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