Challenge Square No. 6: Squared Checks

Needles: US 8
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Eco in natural
Finished Dimensions: 8.25" x 8.5"

This square I ended up redoing after getting about halfway through because it was too small. This is because of the stretch from the ribbing in between the squares. I like this pattern, very simple, just knits and purls, and creates the fun little squares. Because I had to cast on 6 more stitches in order to get the pattern right for the second try, the dimensions are larger than the other squares. So I guess it's better to be on the larger end than the smaller end (the other squares can be blocked a little bit) and I won't be crocheting an edging on this square. It should be easy to sew to the adjacent squares.

While thinking of what application this pattern might be good for, I think this might be great for a skirt! There is enough stretch to it, it could be form-fitting, and the squares give it a nice depth and fun pattern. I would probably pick a darker color though, maybe a navy or black, or even a fun striped color could be fun (a cute swim cover-up in a cotton yarn). Oh I'm getting excited just thinking about it! This might also bee good for the standard baby blanket or washcloth, but I think I like the skirt idea the best.

Only 3 more simple ones left. I was reading a silly book while I was finishing up this square, "Knitting Under the Influence" and when I was finished with it, I read the little bio on the author, Claire Scovell LaZebnik. She is a knitter and one of her sayings with her projects is that it's about the journey, not the destination. When I read this, I really took it to heart, thinking how often do I get caught up in my knitting and just want to FINISH a project only so I can start something new? All the time. I really need to enjoy what I'm doing while I'm doing it. So with the rest of the squares, I'm going to enjoy each stitch because it's about the journey of this project, not the final product. Of course, I draw the same comparison to my life, I sometimes get too worried about what's going to happen in the end when I should take time to enjoy the journey. Time to stop and smell the roses! I'm starting to enjoy my time back at home with my parents while it still lasts, and not worry about where I will end up in the future. Ahh, it feels good.

6 down, 57 to go.


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