Bears 'n' Squares

My aunt was kind enough to inform me that the school that my little cousin attends had been looking for someone to lead a knitting class in the afternoon as part of their enrichment program. I wasn't so sure about committing to the job (it lasts 8 weeks) since I want to be available for any job possibility that might come up. But after some thought, I decided that this is something I really want to do, and IF I were to get a job offer, the company would just need to be flexible with my start date (and same would go for the school). I really did not want to deny these children the opportunity to have more exposure to knitting just because I may or may not get a full time job.

I took the job! so every Thursday from now until Christmas I will be leading grade school children in a knitting project, helping them learn the joys of knitting. I really couldn't be more excited. I was asked to pick a project for the kids to do, so here is what I came up with, bears and squares. I wanted to do something that could be donated to a local charity, so after some research, I found a cute pattern online for a garder stitch bear that could be donated to children's hospitals. Perfect! So I called up Cincinnati's Children's hospital to confirm that I could donate these adorable stuffed animals, and they loved the idea. These are so easy to knit, perfect for these small beginner knitters, and they can make one for themselves as well to take home since they knit up so fast.

I wasn't sure how complicated the bears might be (they require some cast on in strange places and the legs might be hard to master) so I decided to also make an even simpler project, making a garder stitch square and I can sew the squares up to make a blanket. The blanket I'm planning on donating to Project Linus (there is a local Cincinnati chapter). The squares are 6" x 6". Another good part about doing this is that I can figure out the best way to sew/crochet squares together into a blanket so I can use it on my challenge project afghan.

The yarn I'm using is an acrylic yarn, bulky weight from Jo-Ann's - I loved it because of the softness, the bright colors, and the bulkiness. I bought 5 balls, one is the rainbow as seen in the bear, one is the brown as seen in the square (good for making bears if kids want a more realistic looking teddy), another is a blue and white multi, another is a green and yellow multi, and the last is a pastel rainbow with white. I used the ball winder to make little balls of the yarn for the kids to use. I'm going to have the children come with their needles, size 7 or 8. This Thursday will be the first day and I can't wait! More updates on my adventures soon to come.


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