Challenge Square No. 9: Expanded Basket Weave

Needles: US 8 Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Eco in Natural Finished Dimensions: 6.25" x 7.25" This pattern was super simple - I knit it up during the Bengals game. I did manage to make a few mistakes that I had to go back and fix, but got it taken care of (and so did my Bengals! I'm so proud). I know the dimensions seem strange but this thing stretches so much. This is a testament to ribbing and the amount of stretch you can get with it. This pattern is a good alternative to traditional basket weave (which I really like, I used it in a smaller pattern for a man's scarf and it looks sharp). It could be used in place of basket weave or on a garment that you may want a little stretch. I actually saw in a recent knitting magazine a sweater with this expanded basket weave in the yoke. It looked really cute and I was so excited to see a pattern that I've done in use in a current knitting magazine. I also think this would be a great pattern for any mens clothing, either a sweater or a vest, since it is a classic straight line look that is great for mens knits. 9 down, 54 to go! And I'm excited to say, this was the last of the simple squares (yay!!) so the next pattern you see will be very different and much more challenging. It's on to knots, bobbles, and embellishments!


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