Sad News

I have some sad news. Not enough kids signed up for the knitting class, so the classes were canceled. Sad face... I had gotten so psyched up about it too. It's too bad there wasn't enough interest. I would have still done it for one kid, but the school decided it wasn't worth it. So now I have tons of yarn split into kits ready to be made into bears and squares and no one to knit them.

If anyone knows of a school that would like to have an enrichment class, let me know! I'm all ready and waiting. I may end up making a few phone calls to offer leading a class at some local elementary or middle schools. My mother suggested contacting a brownie or girl scout group to see if they would like a class like that. All good ideas. Maybe something will come  up because I'd still love to make the bears and a blanket to give to charity. If anything, the class will be given another go in January, so hopefully more kids will be interested by then.


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