I haven't posted anything in quite some time, but that does not mean I haven't been knitting. Quite the opposite actually, I've been knitting more now which has taken away my time to type updates. So here is a quick catch-up to where I am right now.

Several months ago, I had decided I wanted to be a more selfless knitter, and I became very ambitious for Christmas. I did manage to finish the green cable zurich scarf for my friend and made matching fingerless mittens. Unfortunately I did not get a finished picture of the two, but perhaps my friend can take one and send it to me (she is in Wisconsin where I'm sure she is getting lots of use out of them). I also finished another scarf and fingerless mitt pair for my ex-boyfriend, but just to be clear, I completed that at the end of August before he ended our relationship and out of the courtesy in my heart, I mailed him the present for Christmas anyway. I also made a pair of socks for a friend in Atlanta. They were knit in a grey worsted weight yarn, size 6 dpns, in an easy knit-purl-slip-stitch pattern and had a short cuff. I also made a cute barret hat for another friend still at Purdue knit on size 11 circs with two strands of a green worsted weight yarn. It turned out very cute! All the yarn, by the way, as been my caron yarn of choice, the eco simply soft, and it has been perfect. I even had enough time to knit a pretty blue hat for myself, the pattern from VogueKnitting Fall 09, an easy pattern with a yarn over, knit, and purl combination that was knit from the top down and has a long k2p2 rib folded over on the bottom. I absolutely love the hat, it is super warm, and now I want to make mittens and a scarf to match.

Oh but there are more presents I ventured to make... I also made a pair of socks for my mother out of a worsted weight pink yarn with a simple pattern of knits and purls. I started a sweater for my father out of a beautiful merino wool in a chocolate brown on size 11 circular needles. That sweater I attempted as a top down sweater and I'm not so sure how its going to turn out. I had the hardest time making the raglan sleeve increases look any good with the pattern I had chosen (yes not only had I attempted a top-down sweater for the first time, but I threw in a basket weave pattern as well, just to make things interesting). I think I finally got the pattern all figured out and it doesn't look to bad but I have no idea if the sweater is going to be anywhere near the right size. I think its going to be hard to tell until I get it off the needles, and by then you better hope it's right cause who wants to take it out and put it back on!? And last but not least, I started a pair of socks for my grandmother. They are made with a superwash marino wool in a grey yarn with color flecks throughout. I am knitting these socks two at a time on two circular needles from the toe up (size 2). The pattern is a simple knit and purl stitch and makes a somewhat basket weave pattern (It's called twilight but I think that had more to do with the sock color in the pattern and not the stitches themselves). This was another new adventure for me since the other socks I had done either one at a time or on double pointed needles. So I have to confess, I had my mom start them out for me so I could get the technique down, but I am about ready to start the gusset and they look great!

So after all this knitting for other people, you would think I feel so great! Well, I do, but I'm worn out. I just want to make things for myself!! I have given and given and given so much that I can't give any more. The same way we can give so much in life to the point where we get burn out on giving and we forget to take care of ourselves. From now on I want to have more balanced knitting. I really enjoyed making all the presents, but it was too ambitious of me and I really got sick of it! I just wanted to make things for myself (which is where the blue hat came in). I am proud of all the things I made but after I finish these last things, I will really enjoy just making a few projects for myself before I will feel like I am able to give so freely again.

After all the recent events in my life, I have just felt like I can't give anymore and I'm turning my focus back to myself, and it feels good to just take care of myself for now, and who knows how much longer this opportunity is going to last.

As for my job situation, the bears and squares program started in January so I have been having a great time teaching the 4 kids in the group how to knit! More details on the class to come later, but I have been very thankful that I had the opportunity to lead the project this time around. I have also become enrolled at Xavier University in the Education program. Never in a million years did I think I would go back to school, but here I am taking classes once again. A couple months back, I had a moment of clarity in what exactly I wanted to do with my life, and I realized that teaching is my calling (wanting to teach the knitting class, exhibit A...) so I did lots of research, became proactive and now I've turned my life around in a very positive direction. I'm taking two classes at the moment, a History of American Education class and a Foundations of Higher Math class (I want to teach high school math) and so far I love them! I couldn't be more excited about what I am doing. Because of my late start, I had to apply to the program in January, so I was only allowed to start with two classes without being accepted yet. But you know what, its not such a bad deal because it will be a smoother transition for myself and I have some time to get my feet wet and make sure this is really what I want to do. So I'd say things are going very well for me right now and I'm content in my position.

Hopefully I can take my passion for learning and math and science and apply it to be an inspiration for future scientists and engineers. As I keep saying, in time, truth will reveal itself.


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