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My Life in a Nutshell

Again, another long break from the knitting journal and much has changed for me. First off, I am officially a graduate student at Xavier full time now and I am taking 4 classes. Sounds like a lot but two of them are math classes and two are education classes and they all will be very manageable. I love them all so far so it should be a great semester. Secondly, I have a part time job working at Urban Active in Kenwood where I open the gym a few days a week and work behind the front desk as a customer service rep. Now, if you know me well, you know I am NOT a morning person and I get up at 4 am to open the gym. I know I'm crazy for doing it, but I actually have grown to enjoy it. I have the responsibility of keeping the gym under control all morning (the GM doesn't get there until 9 am). And I just enjoy helping people out especially in the environment of personal fitness. I feel like a little logic processing machine as people walk in to the gym asking about their membershi