My Life in a Nutshell

Again, another long break from the knitting journal and much has changed for me.

First off, I am officially a graduate student at Xavier full time now and I am taking 4 classes. Sounds like a lot but two of them are math classes and two are education classes and they all will be very manageable. I love them all so far so it should be a great semester.

Secondly, I have a part time job working at Urban Active in Kenwood where I open the gym a few days a week and work behind the front desk as a customer service rep. Now, if you know me well, you know I am NOT a morning person and I get up at 4 am to open the gym. I know I'm crazy for doing it, but I actually have grown to enjoy it. I have the responsibility of keeping the gym under control all morning (the GM doesn't get there until 9 am). And I just enjoy helping people out especially in the environment of personal fitness. I feel like a little logic processing machine as people walk in to the gym asking about their membership account or someone calling on the phone asking for information. So for now its working out quite well for me but we'll see how well I handle 4 am wake-ups in the dead of winter.

I also have started tutoring for Xavier's athletic academic office and that is working out very well for me too. Over the summer I helped tutor for the basketball teams and it was a wonderful fusion of my loves - math, teaching, and basketball. For the fall I plan to help wherever I'm needed based on my schedule and the students' and for any math struggles they may have. I think I definitely got lucky with this job and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunity.

As for my knitting! I have so many projects going I'm afraid I am a little too ambitious.
On the needles: A beautiful men's sweater for my dad in superwash merino wool. The color is a smooth chocolate, which I think will be very practical for my dad. To be honest I began the sweater last winter intending to finish it as a Christmas present but I became so busy with other things and I absolutely hated the first chosen pattern. I only recently picked it up and decided to rip it all out. The new (and much better) pattern is knit in the round from the top down with a faux ribbing (one slipped stitch every 8 sts) that is very simple and masculine. I am still working on the raglan increases and soon should be ready to join it in the round to make a classic V-neck. I am very happy with the way it's looking and plan to work on it at home while watching Bengals football games.

I am still working on the purple Diamante socks for myself done from the toe up worked using the magic loop technique. I did finish the first sock and am now on the heel of the second sock. I should be able to finish it in time for fall so I can show off my cute handmade knee-socks.

I am also working on a light blue scarf for myself to match a hat I made for myself last winter. The hat pattern was from Vogue knitting last fall and it is the cutest slouchy hat ever. I love it so much I think I wore it all winter. Hence the need for matching scarf and mittens. This is a good traveling project since it is k2 p2 ribbing - super simple. BUT here is the catch of the scarf - on the ends are mittens! I know it sounds crazy but it looks so cute in the pattern book. It is just long enough to rap around once and reach your hands and that way you never lose your mittens. I hope it looks as good when it's finished as it does in the picture. I also hope it is functional as well. If it's not right, I have plenty of yarn to make separate mittens (I really want some fingerless mitts anyway so I'll likely make them later). The yarn is some cheap stuff from Wal-mart, Caron simply soft yarn in light country blue.

Lastly, I am putting together some placematts for my parents' new house. I have two done already and plan to make two more, but the second pattern is taking me forever! This is due to the lovely seed stitch pattern I chose to do... seed stitch is gruesomely long to get through. But it looks very nice once it's done so I'm going to keep on trekking through it so my parents can enjoy lovely meals on the cotton placematts I made for them to match their brand new kitchen.

I plan to keep knitting updates every week now- although being a graduate student, I'm not sure how much extra time I'll have to knit every week. But I will do my best!


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