Dad's Sweater

I've made a lot of progress on Dad's sweater. I have not only joined it in the round, but I also finished both of the sleeves. Now I am working on the body in the round and once that is finished, I will pick up the stitches around the neck to make a nice edge. I really like how it is turning out! It has been very simple to knit and on size 9 needles, it knits quickly. The yarn is beautiful, Gedifra extra soft merino in a chololate brown from Germany. Unfortunately they are in 50 g balls, so I'm going to have lots of ends to tuck in once I am finished.

The pattern is a faux rib where a stitch is slipped every 8 sts. I think it's perfect for a men's sweater. I think my dad will appreciate it. By the time I finish, though, it will be spring and he'll have to wait until next fall to wear it. But I will just be glad to have it finished since I have been working on this for over a year now. I get too distracted by other projects and this sweater hasn't been a top priority. But now that everything else is done, I can concentrate on only this project and finish up what little I have left. When it is done, it is definitely going to be one of the nicest sweaters I have made to date.


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