Mina's Tuxedo Vest

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon and the beginning of spring break, so what better to do than start a knitting project? I had made a cardigan for myself a little while back out of a pink yarn 50% wool 50% silk and had several balls of yarn left over. I have been thinking about what to do with all the extra yarn, and I decided I wanted to make a vest. After looking through some books and magazines for a good pattern to use, I fell upon a top-down vest that I think will be perfect. This is from a book I got for a birthday a couple years ago, "Custom Knits" by Wendy Bernard (same book used for the short-sleeve empire waist I made). This is called the Mina Tuxedo Vest.

The needles I am using are Size US 5 - 36" circular bamboo and after knitting a swatch, I am right on gauge (no extra calculations needed!). The original pattern is for a cardigan vest, but I want to make a pullover. The author provides the alterations needed to make the pullover, as seen in the picture, which is super convenient. Basically I will just join it in the round at a certain point instead of continuing to knit back and forth.

What has really drawn my attention to this piece is the stitching since it is not basic stockinette stitch. It is an all over twisted knit stitch, which is basically knitting through the back loop on the right side (a common mistake I have made in my knitting, but now it's on purpose). It gives the vest some texture and I really like it.

I started with a provisional CO and am working on the back first. Later I will come back to the CO stitches to start the front.

Maybe I will finish the vest in time to wear it while it is still cool this spring. Otherwise it will be a great piece to wear next fall. Either way, I will enjoy knitting it (I love the yarn) and wearing it once it is finished.


  1. I think I am going to knit it longer than what is shown. I'll add maybe 4 - 6". We'll see how it looks once I get that far.


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