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Tuxedo Vest Continued

I've made some progress on the vest I started a couple weeks ago. As you can see, I've picked up the provisional cast on stitches from the top to work on the front panels, and have joined it with the back under the arm. That part went fast since the panels are only about 12 sts wide each. I'm getting ready to join it in the round, so it will soon go much faster (right now I am doing the twisted knit on the RS and pearling on the WS). I really like how it is turning out. The twisted stitch pattern gives it a nice look, something a little more interesting than straight stockinette stitch. And the pink is very easy on the eyes. After I join it in the round, there is not much left. I will just need to knit as far as I want and then switch to ribbing and bind off the bottom. Then I will need to pick up the stitches around either arm hole and knit about an inch for the sleeve edging, and then pick up the neck stitches to put on a nice collar. With the weather still as bad as it