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Engagement Presents: His Tie

A long, long time ago I attempted a knit tie for a boyfriend of mine. Very hipster, very trendy I know but honestly I thought it was cool. I used self-striping sock yarn, can't remember the pattern I used but it had a flat bottom instead of the traditional point. Of course that guy is no longer around and neither is the tie but sometimes I wonder if he ever even wore it or what he might have done with it considering it's been eleven years since then. Fast forward to now and my cousin and her long-time boyfriend (finally) got engaged recently. I've been contemplating hand knit engagement presents for her and him and he happened to drop a comment that he would be interested in a knit tie. That made my decision easy! I liked the tie I had made previously and looked everywhere for the pattern, couldn't find it but I did find one that I liked even better. This  Chevron Tie  was intriguing to me with a traditional tie shape and formed like a tube so it doesn't have a wr

Teddy's Baby Blanket

I made my first baby blanket! My sister in law recently had her first baby, my nephew Teddy and I wanted to make them a blanket. I know, I know a little late to the party as most people start knitting a blanket once they find out someone is pregnant so they finish it BEFORE the baby arrives. To be honest the idea didn't cross my mind until I realized that no one on my husband's side of the family knits or crochets whereas almost everyone on my side of the family does. I was so used to grandmothers, mother and aunts jumping on projects immediately that anything that I would have made would be insignificant. Knowing that I could hand make something that would be unique and truly special for a family member motivated me to finally make that blanket I had always considered but never got around to. I selected a simple double basket weave pattern, similar to the Expanded Basket Weave  challenge square I made, that is a series of pearls and knits but has interesting texture a

How I Organize My Life

I am a full time teacher, which means my daily schedule is hectic and at times stressful to manage. I am constantly on the go during the school day from 7:20 to 3pm and I don't even realize it until I get home somewhere between 4 and 5pm, sit on the couch, turn the TV on to catch the local news and find myself fighting off sleep that I realize how exhausted I am! I eventually give in by falling into a deep, coma-like nap I never knew my body needed. I awake to darkness momentarily confused if it's the next day already but am faced with the most harrowing decision of the day, what are we going to do for dinner?! Once we finally establish dinner plans, it is time to actually get ready for bed because that 5:45am alarm is fast approaching. We climb into bed at 9 pm and prepare to do the same thing all over again the next day. I used to give my mother grief for going to bed at 10 pm and now I find myself shamelessly saying PEACE OUT before prime time television can even air (we

It's Been a Long time!

Wow - how much has happened since I have last posted here. I've started my teaching career, I found the man I want to spend the rest of my life with, and I've moved into a beautiful home in an amazing city! If you've been keeping up with any of my previous posts I'VE COME A LONG WAY!! I'm so proud of everything I've been able to accomplish and I could not be happier. So never give up hope and know that things will always get better, especially if you stay motivated and follow your heart good things will happen for you just as they did for me. Why am I just now making a blog post? I recently have found time to knit again! Once I started teaching I had hardly any free time and with the little free time I had I wanted to spend it with people whom I love and support me and couldn't really focus on hobbies. But now that I've been teaching for 7 years I've settled into routine and have found a little more me time. I absolutely love the creative outlet