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Over-Under-Through Beanie

 Ta-dah!! The Over-Under-Through Beanie! Credit to my husband for helping me come up with the name. The basketweave made him think of "over and under" and since it's a child's hat, it makes sense to use directional prepositions (used in many children's books and songs) so I added the "through" part. Cause, you know, it's already going around... Thank you Grover and Sesame Street!  The double basketweave beanie is now available for purchase on Ravelry!! I'm so proud of this hat, I really love it and think my nephew will really enjoy wearing it. Yes it's a gift for Teddy, made in the same yarn I used for his blanket I knit him for hist first birthday. Teddy is now two years old so definitely a toddler. My daughter is modeling it but keep in mind she's only 9 months but wearing the toddler size so it looks a little big on her. What I love about this pattern, ok one of many reasons I love this pattern is the amount of stretch it gets from t

Which is stretchier, 1x1 or 2x2 rib?

 I have asked this question so many times before starting a project, not sure which type of ribbing to use on a garment. And I feel it is a question that could be perfectly answered through scientific reasoning, so LET'S DO IT! Below is my report and findings on the stretchiness of 1x1 versus 2x2 knit ribbing. I will be using a standard scientific method to conduct my experiment, keep reading to see my results and decide for yourself which ribbing could be considered stretchier. Background: I recently finished a Mommy & Me hat set for me and my daughter Violet which has led me on a hat making journey- I want to make my nephew, Teddy, a hat for Christmas as well. I have leftover yarn from his baby blanket so I can make a hat that matches, and might as well design one that uses the basket weave pattern I used for his blanket . This has led me to the beginning of the hat, the ribbing on the edge. I used 1x1 rib on the Mommy and Me hats in worsted weight, but Teddy's blanket y

Violet's Baby Mittens

FREE BABY MITTEN PATTERN After going on a walk with my daughter the other day, as we often do since we are effectively quarantined in our home and need an excuse to get out of the house, I realized Violet doesn't have any mittens! I had a pack of mittens for when she was a newborn but those were to keep her from scratching her face, not necessarily to keep her hands warm. Those little mittens wouldn't fit her anymore anyway - she's 8 months old! Well we were so desperate to walk, we strapped her in the stroller in 55° weather and bundled her up best we could. Her hands were the only thing I couldn't keep covered and by the time we got home her tiny hands were very cold (I felt like a bad mom).  So I broke out the leftover yarn from our matching Mommy & Me hats (Pattern Here ), got some inspiration from Pinterest and whipped up a pair of mittens to match her hat. Good mom again! Isn't she so adorable in her Mossy Slouch hat?! I knew I wanted the folded cuff to ma

Heather's Mossy Slouch

Some good has come from this pandemic in 2020, and that is time . Time to slow down, think about things and prioritize items in your life, and time to pick up hobbies and finish goals that have seemed almost unattainable in pre-pandemic times. I'm loving all this time I have, mostly spending time with my 8-month old daughter watching her grow and learn to navigate this world. But now that she's older and taking longer naps, reliably going to bed at the same time every night and getting great sleep I find myself with time to not only get back into knitting but time to document all my design work to create knitting patterns I can publish. Today is the day, I did it! I finally published a pattern that I created! This cute slouchy moss stitch hat is available for purchase on Ravelry . Click the link here to add to cart . For my first pattern, I wanted to start with a simple knit and focus more on the documentation, create a template to use fo