Heather's Mossy Slouch

Some good has come from this pandemic in 2020, and that is time. Time to slow down, think about things and prioritize items in your life, and time to pick up hobbies and finish goals that have seemed almost unattainable in pre-pandemic times. I'm loving all this time I have, mostly spending time with my 8-month old daughter watching her grow and learn to navigate this world. But now that she's older and taking longer naps, reliably going to bed at the same time every night and getting great sleep I find myself with time to not only get back into knitting but time to document all my design work to create knitting patterns I can publish.

Today is the day, I did it! I finally published a pattern that I created! This cute slouchy moss stitch hat is available for purchase on Ravelry https://ravel.me/heathers-mossy-slouch. Click the link here to add to cart. For my first pattern, I wanted to start with a simple knit and focus more on the documentation, create a template to use for future patterns. I also wanted to use up some old yarn in my stash, Caron Simply Soft Eco in mulberry mist.

I really enjoyed all the math that went into the design aspect, using a swatch to get a gauge, then use measurements to determine how many stitches to cast-on, how to distribute the crown shaping, and when to do the decreases to get the shape I wanted. It's that STEM side of me in addition to my creative nature, I'm embracing being a "maker" and am excited to document more complex designs I've done in the past but haven't made a sharable pattern for.

It took me two tries to get it right, the first draft was a little big in the body causing it to look more like a beret, which was cute but not the look I wanted. I also made sure to get things just right, allowing myself to be a perfectionist, ripping out work if it wasn't what I wanted (as tough as that might be). I ended up with a hat I love and hope others will too! This only took me a week to knit, a benefit of using worsted weight yarn which I don't often do but must say, I liked that it knit up so quickly. My plan is to create a baby/toddler size so that my daughter and I can have matching hats, a little Mommy and Me set. Hopefully Violet will be willing to wear it, she's not been a fan of hats, but at least I can get some cute photos of her in it before she pulls it off (she is a ham for the camera, she gets the biggest smile whenever I hold my phone up to take a photo).

Moss stitch takes a little longer than simple stockinette, but look at this beautiful texture. It's worth it, and I made sure to maintain the moss stitch pattern in the crown shaping decreases best I could so there isn't an obvious line of knitting straight to the crown center. I have made a slouchy hat out of this yarn before and made long ribbing that folds up along the brim and while I love the folded look, it always sags and doesn't stay nicely folded. I was inspired to make a hem from a pattern I recently did for a baby bodysuit with a center tube with eyelets for a drawstring. My pattern allows the knitter to fold up the bottom, pick up the cast on stitches and knit with working stitches to create a permanent fold brim. I love this for so many reasons-

1. I hate my cast-on edges! Even when I do a nice long-tail cast on (which usually takes me two tries to get the right length of yarn) the tension is always not right to me and I don't like the bottom edge. This pattern hides the cast-on edge underneath the hemmed edge, no ugly edge to see and you can use whatever cast-on method you like.

2. It's folded for extra warmth right along the ears. It also stays in place on the head a little better with double layers.

3. Like I mentioned, its going to stay in place and not sag! No readjusting the fold of the hat and always have the folded look.

And I had to add a Pom Pom for some extra pop. But also I feel Pom Poms on hats are VERY in style right now. Mostly little faux fur ones, but I wanted to keep the same color on my hat. Since it's optional you could buy whatever kind of Pom Pom you want and add it on top! I honestly hadn't made a Pom Pom before but after a quick online tutorial, I used some cardboard to create a template, did some wrapping and cutting and BAM a cute little Pom Pom was born! I love it, it's actually my favorite part. I think the acrylic yarn lent itself well to achieving a fluffy, perfect Pom Pom so I absolutely recommend it for this hat, or honestly other projects you may be working on.

Make sure to head on over to Ravelry or just buy now! Save in your favorites and add to your projects. I look forward to photos of your WIP and finished hats. If you love this design, let me know in the comments below and make sure to follow me on instagram @redfeatherknits for all my knitting design updates.

Look for the baby/toddler version available soon (Violet's Mossy Slouch).


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