Over-Under-Through Beanie

 Ta-dah!! The Over-Under-Through Beanie! Credit to my husband for helping me come up with the name. The basketweave made him think of "over and under" and since it's a child's hat, it makes sense to use directional prepositions (used in many children's books and songs) so I added the "through" part. Cause, you know, it's already going around... Thank you Grover and Sesame Street! 

The double basketweave beanie is now available for purchase on Ravelry!! I'm so proud of this hat, I really love it and think my nephew will really enjoy wearing it. Yes it's a gift for Teddy, made in the same yarn I used for his blanket I knit him for hist first birthday. Teddy is now two years old so definitely a toddler. My daughter is modeling it but keep in mind she's only 9 months but wearing the toddler size so it looks a little big on her. What I love about this pattern, ok one of many reasons I love this pattern is the amount of stretch it gets from the basketweave allowing it to conform to many head sizes and still fit snuggly. It stays securely on Viloet's head even though it is a little big. Perfect for a growing child who can continue to grow into the hat!

I realize the stretch is due to a series of k2 p2 stitches for the weave, and as I found out by experimenting with ribbing the 2x2 rib is very stretchy, thus it makes sense that this weave pattern has a lot of stretch! And it makes sense why I had trouble getting the gauge correct for teddy's blanket and why I gained so much length and width after blocking. By the way, I did some light blocking for this hat to expand the basket weave a bit, but not too much because I was afraid of flattening it out and losing that stretch.

Another thing I love about the hat is the shape. I originally thought I might do a gradual decrease in the crown shaping, similar to the mossy slouch hat I made, but decided it would be too complicated to decrease while continuing the basketweave pattern. The crown shaping is evenly spaced k2tog among knit stitches but only for 6 decrease rounds which is only the last inch of the hat. It gathers nicely at the top and is hidden by the Pom Pom anyway. It stays straight all the way through, and the portion at the end of the hat stays tight because it's unstretched (another win for the basketweave). 

I'm really proud of this design! I did calculations for an adult and baby size hat as well. I may try making the baby size to test it out and gift it to a friend (all my girlfriends are having babies now 🤗) or donate. Overall this is a great beginner hat that uses only knit and purl stitches in the round and is a great introduction to reading a chart. Please check out my Ravelry page and purchase this awesome pattern you can use again and again for child or adult hats. Make sure to make the matching blanket as well!

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