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Baby blanket with tumbling blocks

 For Christmas this year, we knew we wouldn't be seeing a lot of people with the pandemic and all, so despite not seeing much extended family on the plus side we didn't have too many presents to worry about 👍🏼✔️😉. We knew for sure we would visit Illinois to see my in-laws, get a chance to meet our new niece, and introduce Violet to her cousins. I had made our nephew a baby blanket for his 1-year birthday using a reversible knit and purl basket weave, see Teddy's Baby Blanke t for the free pattern. So I figured I had to make a blanket for our niece with a goal of having it done by Christmas when we would see them. (Full disclosure, I didn't get it finished in time). I have had my mind on these tumbling blocks for a long time, ever since I did a challenge square with the pattern. I love the three dimensional look and the fact that it is reversible. It's simple enough that it should knit very quickly and only knit and purl stitches make for relaxed knitting done wh