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Puff sleeve toddler sweater construction

I have finished the toddler sweater, just in time for my daughter's first birthday today! I can't believe she's already one year old. Where has this year gone?! She went from a tiny little baby to a young girl in the blink of an eye. It really does go fast, so savor every moment. I've made sure to take lots of photos of her and I've been looking back on them for her birthday reliving every wonderful moment. I can't promise I won't cry as we celebrate her this weekend, and that's ok. I love being a mother and I love her so much and I'm not ashamed to show that emotion, or spoil her at this special time in her life even if she doesn't remember it.  I'm so excited to share this sweater in time for spring. I have blocked it and sewn in finishing snap tape and it's ready for Violet to wear. I have a draft of the pattern that is being test knit and edited and I should be able to share the final version in a couple weeks. To give you an idea of

Different bind-off techniques

While working on Violet's puff sleeve sweater , I needed to make a decision about what bind-off technique to use. I've always used the standard bind-off, which does create a nice edge but is NOT very stretchy. Because the collar is picked up around the neck and then bound off, I want to make sure I have good stretch so it fits over her head but doesn't flare and look loose around her neck. I recently looked at the stretchiness of ribbing and I stumbled upon Susanna Winter's similar  Comparison of 20 Bind off methods  where she uses measurements to rank the stretchiness of different bind-off methods. I used her list and her chart of stretch and flare percentage to select some of my top favorites. Then I created swatches to compare some bind-offs myself and pick one or two to use in the puff sleeve sweater. I really liked Susanna's comparison but what is most important to me is how it looks- so here are some with the top stretch and low flare percentage ranked in ord

Puff sleeves are in! Thank you Bridgerton

Fashion Trends Puff sleeves are having a moment right now in fashion, and I think I may know why. Other than the beautiful romantic look, feminine volume at the shoulders providing a perfect hourglass silhouette, it is an iconic look of victorian-era clothing. If you've been following any trends in pop culture lately, there is a victorian-era show that everyone is watching right now, and it goes by the title 'Bridgerton'. If you haven't heard of this show, it's basically a romance drama set in 19th century London, think Jane Austen with a modern twist, with elite families and formal events setting the stage for juicy drama and steamy sex scenes. You can find it on Netflix and the show is based on the historical romance novels in The Bridgerton Series by Julia Quinn.  What is 'Bridgerton'? What to know about the new Netflix romance This show has definitely led to some fashion trends, check out this article by the Today show highlighting outfits that are inspi

Tumbling with Grace

I came up with the perfect name for the baby blanket - Tumbling with Grace!!   $1  buy now  $1 You've got tumbling blocks in a blanket for my niece, Grace! Tumbling with Grace, perfect!! This is such a nice blanket, I'm super happy with this design. I really like the 3D look of the blocks and the nice texture. I liked knitting the larger size blocks (instead of the traditional 5 stitch width, I charted a 7 stitch width). I've seen patterns with a seed stitch border and while that matches the diamond top/bottom of the blocks, I wanted a more distinct border. The garter stitch is still simple but you can see exactly where the blocks start appearing. One thing I did want to experiment with was the blocks subtly coming in from the bottom, so at the bottom the garter stitch comes up into the base of the blocks and the same transition happens on the top the blanket border. To my eye it looks like a more distinct start of the blocks at the base. What do you think? Do you like the

So many projects, so much time...

Let me confess to you all the projects I have on the needles AT THE SAME TIME! I haven't knit this much since my time back at my parents house when I graduated college and was searching for a full time engineering job. Thank you pandemic for forcing me back into making and designing my own patterns. I don't know about you but I like having multiple projects going because I can get a little bored knitting on the same thing everyday. I need some variety in my life. So here are my current #ontheneedles #workinprogress knitting projects. 1. First up, I'm still working on the baby blanket with tumbling blocks for Grace. I have now knit 28" in length, only a few more to go. My desired dimensions are stroller size 30" x 36" and I'm hitting that perfectly (unlike Teddy's blanket where my calculations were off due to the stretch of the double basket weave pattern). I'll be typing up the pattern and I think I'll share that one for free on Ravelry so s