So many projects, so much time...

Let me confess to you all the projects I have on the needles AT THE SAME TIME! I haven't knit this much since my time back at my parents house when I graduated college and was searching for a full time engineering job. Thank you pandemic for forcing me back into making and designing my own patterns. I don't know about you but I like having multiple projects going because I can get a little bored knitting on the same thing everyday. I need some variety in my life. So here are my current #ontheneedles #workinprogress knitting projects.

1. First up, I'm still working on the baby blanket with tumbling blocks for Grace. I have now knit 28" in length, only a few more to go. My desired dimensions are stroller size 30" x 36" and I'm hitting that perfectly (unlike Teddy's blanket where my calculations were off due to the stretch of the double basket weave pattern). I'll be typing up the pattern and I think I'll share that one for free on Ravelry so stay tuned for that release!

Needles: US 6 ChiaoGoo RED lace circular 32"
Yarn: Brava sport weight in Custard (100% acrylic)

2. Second project I started a few weeks after the blanket was a little project for myself. When I became pregnant and started to show, I updated my wardrobe with a few maternity pieces but really focused on things I could wear after baby and not look frumpy. I found several open front long cardigans on Amazon that I ended up layering over maternity tanks and tees every day and am still wearing them frequently post-baby. I have burgundy and navy and want another color, but instead of buying another one I figured I would knit one. After combing through Ravelry, I found the perfect open front cardigan with a cable detail along the edge and some texture around the bottom of the sweater, here is the pattern Lucille on Ravelry.

In my stash I have 10 skeins of Comfy Fingering from Knit Picks in Doe, a beautiful brown that will work great as a layering cardigan! Checked my gauge with size US 4 needles and it lines up perfectly. I'm knitting in a size S following the pattern.

Needles: US 4 KnitPicks Interchangeable Sunstruck wood set
Yarn: Comfy Fingering in Doe (75% Pima cotton 25% acrylic)

The sweater starts with the center top of the collar in provisional CO, then pick up the provisional stitches to do the other side of the collar, then pick up the stitches along the edge of each to start the back of the sweater, continuing the collar panels on either end. I have only ever done provisional CO once for the Mina's Tuxedo Vest and that was several years ago. I felt timid about starting it, but after watching a few videos and diving into it, it turned out so good! It really looks seamless when I picked up those provisional stitches and started knitting - it flowed together so well the collar looks like one long piece. Raglan sleeve increases make for easy top-down construction. I'm loving the way it's looking so far!

Towards the end of the raglan increases, the rows got so wide it was taking me FOREVER to get through one row! Finally made it through all the sleeve stitch increases, put the sleeves on holders and now working back and forth around the body. It's going much faster.

Had to pause to try it on for an idea of fit and I think it will work great! It's hard to tell under the arms still, it feels like a closer fit. Probably could have done a medium, but I'm trying it on over a fitted t-shirt and it looks like I'll still have good drape from the fronts... I think I'll be happy with the small so ON WE GO!

3. My third project I started shortly after the new year. I have been wanting to design a baby sweater for my daughter but wasn't sure what style I wanted etc. Well I got some inspiration from current fashion trends and decided to go with puff sleeves - I'll do a post soon with more specifics on my inspiration. But the main idea is puff sleeves which led to set-in sleeves which led to provisional cast-on which I now felt confident to do because I JUST re-learned that technique with the cardigan!! 

Needles: US 3 Loops & Threads aluminum circular needles
Yarn: Capretta Superwash in Pinot Heather (80% Fine Superwash Merino Wool 10% Cashmere 10% Nylon)

You can see the progression so far. More updates and notes behind design choices in another blog post coming soon! I can't wait to finish this pattern and share it because I think it will turn out beautiful and very on trend, simple with lots of options to customize. This project requires a lot more planning and focus, and I only do a few parts at a time while making sure to write up instructions as I go.

So all three are very different, giving me variety and options when I sit down to knit everyday. It does divide my time and focus so each project takes longer than if I were just working on one, but I'd rather take longer on a project than tire and quit of a single project I get bored with.

How many projects do you have on the needles? Do you prefer to do one at a time or have multiple like me? Let me know in the comments below!


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