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Challenge Square No. 13: Chenille tuft insertion

  Needles: US 8 Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Eco in natural The chenille tuft insertion is in the bobble section but is shown as an edging option. The bobbles create a diamond along the edge, so for my sample square I used the diamonds along the top and side edges as well. The tuft is made by knitting into the next stitch without dropping the base stitch from needle, slip the new stitch back to left hand needle and knit into it again. Once you've done this 4 times, you pass each of those knit stitches over the first stitch. This bobble was very easy once I got the rhythm down. See this video that shows exactly how to make the tuft stitch- I like the way this turned out, the diamond shape is cute! I can see how this could be used on edging for a bulky knit cardigan or even the edges of a baby blanket. This could also be fun on a scarf or shawl. I will say I liked this bobble better than the berry rib as it was easy working with one stitch at a time as they were passed over instead of ha

Repurposing new yarn from old sweater (continued)

Previously I shared that I no longer liked an old sweater of mine and thought "hey, I bet I could repurpose that yarn into something fun that I love!" I took the plunge and ripped apart aka frogged my 10 year old cotton sweater and wound up all the yarn. It was actually a very satisfying feeling, you can read all about it here "5 lessons I learned while frogging my sweater" . Out with the Old I've been brainstorming ways to use the old/new yarn and settled on a tank top that could also be a sweater vest. Cotton yarn can be difficult to knit with because it is actually a very heavy fiber. It can cause your item to droop in ways you don't want. I had knit the previous sweater in stockinette stitch in a smaller needle size so it was too compressed and felt very heavy. And there is NO STRETCH in plain cotton! If you want stretch in your finished item you need to use ribbing. For my tank design I used several changes to help improve the use of the yarn. 1. I used

Challenge Square No. 12: Berry Rib

Berry Rib  Needles: US 8 Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Eco These bobbles are HUGE! They are made by doing several knit 1 then yarn overs and turning the work. This was not easy to do and as you can see the swatch I made has a lot of them. Phew I was glad to get this one done. I will say the payoff is nice with the large bobbles, they look really good.  This is titled a rib and it definitely behaves like one. The swatch totally "shrank" in on me, I had to try to stretch it a bit to get a good photo. There are 4 rows repeating and the bobble is done on row 3. The other rows are K3 P3 rib so it's no surprise that it gave me that ribbing stretch.  I think if I were to use this in a design I'm not sure I would do so many rows and columns, there are an overwhelming amount of bobbles here. This could be really fun on a throw pillow or an all around boarder on a blanket where only one or two bobble rows are used. What other suggestions do you have for use of the berry rib stitch?