Challenge Square No. 12: Berry Rib

Berry Rib

 Needles: US 8

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft Eco

These bobbles are HUGE! They are made by doing several knit 1 then yarn overs and turning the work. This was not easy to do and as you can see the swatch I made has a lot of them. Phew I was glad to get this one done. I will say the payoff is nice with the large bobbles, they look really good. 

This is titled a rib and it definitely behaves like one. The swatch totally "shrank" in on me, I had to try to stretch it a bit to get a good photo. There are 4 rows repeating and the bobble is done on row 3. The other rows are K3 P3 rib so it's no surprise that it gave me that ribbing stretch. 

I think if I were to use this in a design I'm not sure I would do so many rows and columns, there are an overwhelming amount of bobbles here. This could be really fun on a throw pillow or an all around boarder on a blanket where only one or two bobble rows are used. What other suggestions do you have for use of the berry rib stitch?


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