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My First Time Trying Colorwork!

The Princess Tee in Color Since knitting the princess tee for Violet in time for her first birthday at the end of February, she has had a growth spurt and no longer fit into the original 12 month size I made for her. 😢 Ah, the trouble with baby knits. You spend time making them and they only wear them 4-5 times before they grow out of it... Because I love the sweater tee so much, I wanted to make it for her again in a larger size. So I hunted around my stash for more of that beautiful Capretta yarn from Knit Picks and I found several skeins in the Neon edition from a sale we went to about a year ago.  The tubular turquoise is a fun bright and light color, great for spring. The blueberry blast is a classic royal blue (which is one of my favorite colors). I had a tough time deciding what color to knit the princess tee in and decided to use both! The color combination is actually beautiful, and I could try some colorwork knitting for the first time ever. What better excuse to learn a ne

Knitting with two strands of yarn - mohair and merino

Interested in knitting with two strands of yarn? There are two ways to knit with two strands of yarn. The first would be holding the two strands together as if they were one, called "double stranding" or double-stranded knitting. The other way would be alternating knit rows with the different types of yarn, switching yarn within the project. I've recently seen lots of knitwear pop up with both of these methods of knitting with two yarn types, and especially yarn of different weights. I'm loving the look of mohair knit together with a merino wool, seen in lots of patterns lately for sweaters that look extra fuzzy and soft but still have structure and warmth. (Check out this balloon sweater from Petit Knit using mohair and merino wool knit two strands together). I've also seen the yarn knit separately in different parts of a project, such as mohair for light fluffy sleeves on a structured merino wool bodice. See the beautiful shawl below that combines different sect