My name is Heather and I love to create knitwear! I've recently started my own design label, Red Feather Knits, and have created several patterns that are now available on my Ravelry Store.

I currently live in Louisville, KY with my husband and young daughter, Violet. I am a STEM high school teacher certified in math, physics, and engineering. I'm passionate about education and have been teaching for 9 years now! I have a masters in Education from Xavier University but my background is initially in Engineering. I have a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and decided to switch things up and become a teacher back in 2010.

I learned to knit from my mother, who learned to knit from her mother, whom I'm fairly certain learned to knit from her mother. Keeping the family tradition going, one day I'll teach Violet how to knit as well. I first dove deeper into my hobby after graduating from Purdue and began a chronology of my experiences knitting and job searching in my blog, Heather's Knitting Journal.

By designing knitwear, I've been able to combine my STEM background and knitting hobby while allowing myself to express my creativity. As an educator I write designs that are easy to read and navigate and are great for any level knitter. My goal is to share my love of knitting with others through my original designs and provide myself a great creative outlet that is a merge of math, engineering design, and fiber arts.

Please contact me if you are interested in insight, advice, questions, suggestions, or opportunities for collaboration! Contact me.


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